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For the People, By the People, Of The People, Of Nuwaupia

The United Nuwaupian nation Embassy administrative staff, would like to all Nuwaupians, Tribal members and family for the continuous support of the government of this great nation the continuous support of the freedom of our President H.E. Dr. Malachi K. York and the continuous support of the vision of the rebuilding of the State of Nuwaupia.
It is of utmost importance that all should be made aware of the importance of this naturalization process; this is a legal governmental document and is to be taken very seriously. This process is what will build your future as a national and your nation, along with identifying your nationality to the world once and for all.
This is the time in your life where you and only you by choice, for the first time in our lives under the international principles of self-determination we as are making a clear, firm and free decision to become a national of a nation of retained sovereigns, with the building of the state of Nuwaupia not far from sight.
Important Things to Remember in the Naturalization Process
1. Your naturalization acknowledges the bond to your nation, laws and government.
2. Your naturalization is a legal and lawful process that is governed by international law and domestic Nuwaupian nation laws.
3. You are a flesh and blood being, whose natural nature is Wu-Nuwaup, that has an origin that predates the United States of America, prior to them Uniting you were here governing yourself under the laws of the ‘God Of Nature’ on your own indigenous territory. (Refer to the ‘United Nuwaupian nation Owns Georgia…’
4. Take this process seriously, read carefully all instructions and fill out application, honestly, truthfully and faithfully.
5. To not do so will only delay the process if your application is not filled out, returned in the proper manner, with YOUR HEADSHOT PICS ATTACHED.
6. Double and triple check the information as to not overlook any pertinent directions.
7. We are creating tech and ticket support options available to make the process easier as to not have any delays longer than the 14 days turn around time.
8. We appreciate your support and continue to reach out to other Nuwaupians worldwide and inform them that ‘Its Nation Time’
9. Stay Tuned to future events updates and scheduled conferences and freedom updates!
The Embassy of the United Nuwaupian Nation
P.O. Box 5199
Philadelphia, Pa. 19139