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The Embassy of the United Nuwaupian Nation

Who Are We?

The Embassy of the United Nuwaupian Nation is the seat of the Head of Mission and Embassy staff, accredited to the United States of America. Its mission was established in 1992, and the appointment of head of mission and diplomatic agent, Ambassador Dr. Doosua York in 2007 by the H. E. President and Chief: Dr. Malachi Z. K. York has been in accordance with the rules of international and diplomatic law protocol enabling it to function as a legitimate entity on the platform of international state societies.

The Diplomatic mission the Embassy of the United Nuwaupian nation holds several functions and operations that particularly protect the interest of all Nuwaupian nationals worldwide, their lands, their rights to exist and preserve themselves as an indigenous nation with a retained sovereign government having the UNN constitution of our nation as our sole organic authority.

The Embassy also functions also span across a spectrum of operations that are pertinent to the preservation of our distinct characteristics of our nation, our indigenous territory, our-storical rare documents, tribal lineage and treaties that with international law protection of our Embassy archival documents the history of our nation will be properly preserved. The Embassy of the United Nuwaupian nation operates out of necessity of international comity for the continued growth, development of state to state relationships and other international government business.

U.N. Representation

The United Nuwaupian indigenous Yamassee Muschogee ‘Munwaupu’ nation has been represented in the United Nations Permanent forum (UNPFII) for indigenous issues which is a high-level advisory body to the Economic and Social Council. Our representation is extended to the various mechanisms and forums created by the U.N. for ‘Colonial Peoples’ protected under Article 73 of the U.N. Charter. The rights of our nations independence is recognized by the United Nations and world governments as prescribed by the ‘Declaration on the Granting of Independence of Colonial Countries and Peoples’ GA Resolution 1514, and other international laws and covenants that protects national minorities, and ethnicities who have been subjugated to alien rule, and economic exploitation.

International Law Protection

There are numerous international laws that protect the United Nuwaupian nation worldwide and exist amongst many binding treaties and commitments among the worlds nations e.g., ‘Declaration of the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples’, ‘The Rights of Peoples and Nations of Self-Determination’,’Non Self-Governing Territories and Trust Territories’,’Declaration of Rights of Persons Belonging to Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities’…

In terms of specificity the Nuwaupian Nation, “Creek Nation” controlled most of what is now called Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi today known then as ‘Muschogee, Creek Country or Creek Nation’,which stood predominately under the rubric of Spanish borderlands history. It stretched from the ridge dividing Alabama and the Tombigbee rivers east to the Savannah Rivers and south to the Florida peninsula, our nation inclusive of the governing tribe what were referred to as the Yamassee Native Americans also controlled areas of what is now called South Carolina, though slightly bordering the South Carolina areas controlled the “Euchee” and the “Cusabo” Native Americans.
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