What does it mean for Dr. Malachi Z. K. York to be an ECOWAS citizen?

What does it mean for Dr. Malachi Z. K. York to be an ECOWAS citizen?

Many have all heard when our Dr. Malachi Z. K. York says that he is an ECOWAS citizen, what we may not have overstand is what that exactly means, and what it entails in regards to the protection that he deserves by order of the courts to the Republic of Liberia (refer to Breaking Liberian New Update). Lets examine what exactly ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) is and the creation of these federated West African countries that make up its body and their year of independence and formation;

 1.Mali: September 22nd; 1960, independent from France. Official Name: Republic of Mali, Capitol: Bamako (population 880,000); Population: 10,108, 569; Language: French is the official language.

2. Senegal: April 4th, 1960 independent from France. Official name: Republic of Senegal; Capitol: Dakar; Population: 9, 723, 149; Launguage: French is the official language; almost half of the language also speaks Wolof.

3. Ghana: March 6th 1957, from Britain Gold Coast; Official Name: Republic of Ghana; Capital: Accra; Population: 18, 497, 206; Official Language: English is the Official language.

4. Cote D’Ivoire: August 7th; 1960, Independent from France; Official name: Republic of Cote D’Ivoire; Capitol: Yamaussoukro; Population: 15, 446, 231

5. Guinea: October 2nd; 1958, Independent from France,: Official name: Republic of Guinea; Capital: Conakry; Population: 7,477, 110,; Official Language: French

6. The Gambia: February 18th; 1965, Independent from Britain; Official Name: Republic of the Gambia,; Capital: Banjul (formerly called Bathurst),; Population: 1,291, 858 (1998),; Official Language: English

7. Nigeria: October 1st 1960, Independent from Britain; Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria; Capital: Abuja,; Population: 110, 532, 242

8. Togo: April 27th; 1960, Independent from French Administered UN trusteeship; Official Name: Togolese Republic; Capitol: Lome; Population: 4,905,827

9. Sierra Leone: April 27th; 1961, Independent from Britain; Official Name: Sierra Leone; Capitol: Freetown; Population: 5,080,004

10.Niger: August 3rd; 1960, Independent from France; Official Name: Republic of Niger; Capital: Niamey; Population: 9,671,848; Official: Language: French

11.Burkina Faso: August 5; 1960, Independent from France; Official Name: Burkina Faso; Capital: Ouagadougou; Population: 11, 266, 393; Official Language: French

12. Guinea-Bissau: 10 September 1974, Independence from Portugal; Official name: Republic of Guinea-Bissau; Capitol: Bissau; Population: 1,206,311; Official Language: Portuguese

13. Benin: August 1st 1960, Independence from France; Official name: Republic of Benin; Capital: Porto-Novo; Population: 6,100,799; Official Language: French is the official language but most speak an African language, Yoruba and Fon are the most common languages in the south.

14. Liberia: July 26th 1847, American Colonization Society; Official name: Republic of Liberia; Capitol: Monrovia; Population: 2,771,901; Official Language: English is the official language but is spoken by barely one-fifth of the population. Most of the population speaks at leas one language from the Niger-Congo languages groups of about 20 languages.

These federated member states collective territory is known as West Africa and these states were made into an aggregation of states that had emerged from different colonial experiences and administrations. Within these states communities exist well over a thousand existing local languages such as Ewe, Fulfulde, Hausa, Mandigo, Wolof, Yoruba, Ibo, Ga, etc.

Prior to colonialism stemming from the thirst of European greed to slice Africa up for its own pleasure and our despair, the area played host to many proud empires and kingdoms that spanned centuries some of which included Ghana, Mali Songhai, Wolof, Oyo, Benin and Kanem Bornu.

 After the emergence of Africa’s independence across the continent and the International denuciation  of ‘Colonialism’  the regions the combination of cultural, linguistic and ecological diversity presented both opportunities and challenges for the integration process. The longing to combine forces politically and economically has always been recognized as a step forward in the desire to engender co-prosperity in the area and the first effort at integration began back in 1945 with the creation of CFA franc that brought the francophone countries of the region into a single currency union. Then in 1964, Liberian president William Tubman proposed an economic union for West Africa leading to an agreement, which was signed in 1965 by the four states of Cote d’Ivore, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The Signing of the Treaty of Lagos on May 28th 1975 and the creation of ECOWAS

The Treaty of Lagos in 1975 birthed the concept of ECOWAS, initially being limited to economic policies, with the emergence of various political events led to its revision and therewith an expansion of a scope of powers in 1993. With the region being the youngest in the world in so far as its newly formed confederation is concerned it is project that by the 2050 the population of West Africa will reach between 550 million and 600 million. Over the last few years the regions population has increased from nearly 70 million to nearly 300 million between 1950 and 2010 and as of now represent nearly 40% of the population of the Sub-Saharan Africa. With this rapid growth it is only by natural nature that Nuwaupians worldwide and Africans and African Native Americans in the Diaspora that Dr. Malachi York in his divine guidance that has been bestowed upon us, the answer to our liberation and our freedom is to look towards West Africa for the rebuilding of the State of Nuwaupia for Nawaupians and Africans worldwide.

Dr. Malachi Z. K. York a West African ECOWAS Citizen

In view of these facts Dr. Malachi K. York in regards to his status not only a Liberian citizen and Consul General/Diplomatic personnel, was vested with protection and interest of these nations as an ECOWAS citizen; this was made very clear in the 2016 proceedings in ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, where Dr. Malachi Z. K. York was determined to be a Consul General and Diplomatic Personal, where the Republic of Liberia failed to repatriate him to his home countries as ordered by Judge Kaaba in Civil Courts in July of 2004.

The sitting Judges of ECOWAS during the case of Dr. Malachi K. York acknowledged the fact that he was indeed an ECOWAS citizen with the rights to bring the case into their Community Court of Justice, in Abuja Nigeria against the Government of Liberia. These rights afforded to Dr. Malachi Z. K. York as an ECOWAS citizen is afforded to all citizens of these West African countries.

Dr. Malachi Z. K. York as the leader of Africans in the Diaspora, the United Nuwaupian nation, inclusive of the Caribbean, UK London, U.S. the West African countries have a major interest in Dr. York and have moved to protect him as their own, because of his unique abilities to organize all Africans in the Diaspora to mind link for the progression of our race as a people in pursuit of happiness, liberty and aggressive development of Africa as a whole. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York having multiple ties to West Africa being born in Takoradi, Ghana and being a Liberian citizen and Consul General and Diplomatic Personnel of the Republic, in the last 40 years has proven himself to be the only one in this day and time that can connect the Diaspora Africans with their West African countries this connection restores the honor and dignity to his countries and peoples, the lost but now found nation of United Nuwaupians worldwide. Please stay involved with the Freedom Fight of Dr. Malachi Z. K. York!!

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