Embassy of the United Nuwaupian Nation

Biography of
Ambassador Dr. Doosua York

 Born on Feb. 3, 1975, in the state of Nuwaupia, of the tribal family southeastern area of Muschogee indigenous territory. Being born through his tribal family migrating north to Philadelphia to settle, Doosua’s origins being raised without mother nor father, Dr. Malachi Z. K. York known then as As Sayyid: Al Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, adopted this young zealous student at the age of 12 in the Philadelphia community in 1987. At the time he chose the name Baasil Abdullah Muhammad as a young mu’minuyn living amongst the faithful tribal members of the Ansaarullah Nubian Islaamic Community, Holy Tabernacle Minitries Universities and Multi-Versities, he has travelled through the early schools of religious teachings, the schools of thought and teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. K. York taught to breakd the spells of ignorance. Dr. Doosua York has been given many names by Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle, Dr. Malachi York over the years that reflects his character and assignments e.g. As Sayyid: Baasil Issa Al Mahdi (blood family of Al Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad of the Sudan), Doosua Baasa Africa (Humanitarian efforts, educational pursuits in West Africa), Tattwy Em Atum-Rayay, and a Native American name popular amongst the Yamassee ‘Bird Clan’, ‘Hawk-Eye. He is a forty-two year old practicing international lawyer, a champion of human rights in the continuous advancement of the protection of indigenous peoples rights, people’s rights of self-determination, self-government and independence and self-government of colonial peoples, with a priority of protecting and carrying out the interest of the United Nuwaupian nationals in the U.S. and abroad. He also serves as the Chair of the Western chapter of ‘Africans in the Diaspora’ bridging the gap between abroad Africans and the African continent.

Specializing international law/ diplomatic affairs and treaty law, international relations, political science of world government and its relations to human rights. Received Doctorate of Theology, Sumerian/ Babylonian and religious studies at the Holy Tabernacle Ministries University, and advanced studies of monotheistic conceptual religious doctrines under the Supreme Grand Master/Sovereign Grand Commander, H.E. President and Chief: Black ‘Thunder’ Bird Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. K. York.
Aboriginal American indigenous history and African decolonization history. International treaty negotiations, bilateral and multilateral agreements. Organizing non-governmental agencies cooperation for the assistance and for the advancement of third world people’s education and economic empowerment

Special Interest:
Continuous pioneering of the elimination of racial discrimination, systematic injustices and disparities, total eradication of colonialism and all forms of oppression of indigenous colonial peoples in North America and continuous representation of the United Nuwaupian nation indigenous aboriginal tribes, colonial peoples government in international fora.
Letter of Credence to President Barack Obama: Issued by
President Dr. Malachi Z. York Oct. 7 2007

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