H.E. Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle Dr. Malachi Z. York



Statute 19 of the U.N.N Constitution
Section 1
The Executive Power Shall be vested in the President:
H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York, Chief Black Eagle of the Yamasee Tribe of Native Americans, the United Nuwaupian Nation

On June 26th 1992 the United Nuwaupian Nation of Yamassee Native American, Creek, Seminole, declared independence and unanimously accepted its nations constitution as its complete authority under which Chief Black “Thunderbird” Eagle, President Dr. Malachi Z. York was seated to govern the indigenous aborigine nation freely in exercising their right to self-determination, autonomy and self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs. These matters of self-government was carried out on indigenous territory re-settled upon by thirty-thousand Nuwaupian tribal members and nationals in the capital city of Wahanee, Kodesh ‘The Golden City’, Tama-Re Egypt of the West. Our President and Chief migrated his nation back into the southeastern territories still owned by the indigenous peoples Muschogee Yamasee kingdom, the United Nuwaupian nation.

“Yamassee Native American, Creek, Seminole, Washitaw mound builders built extraordinary mounds that can be seen throughout America, these mounds are spiritual centers of the tribal religious practices and ceremonies that are of sacred nature to our Nation, specifically “Rock Eagle Mound” a symbol of the legend of Black “Thunderbird” Eagle is the oldest known effigy located on our traditional land of which we are, the builders of these mounds are the Yamassee Native Americans, who inhabited this area for thousands of years we built this mound 7,000 years ago, another effigy is “Rock Hawk Mound” located near Lake Oconee, off of Eatonton Sparta Highway 16. According to studies it is believed to have been constructed around 1374 B.C. It is also made of granite, which unlike “Rock Eagle” is native to the area”. We The People, December 2003 A.D “Ancient Mounds of Georgia and America”; Volume 1 sec.1 pg.11.

These mounds were built traditionally to sit and protect the Yamassee Native American chief’s and their families, and bloodlines from outer invasions and protect the matriarchal society of tribal governing mothers and elders from the beast that roamed our territories. These mounds were actually pyramids disguised with earth and stone. The knowledge of how to construct these mounds came from Ancient Uganda West Africa and Egypt. A replica of Ancient Egypt was built by the Yamassee Native Americans called “Egipt of the West” in a state of “Nuwaupia” where we exercised our right of self-determination, autonomy governing our nation in accordance to our aspirations and needs, located at 404 Shady Dale Rd. where modern day mounds and religious sites were built duplicating our indigenous lands and mounds in the middle of Georgia originally called Altamaha. Located strategically near a river named after one of our Native Yamassee chiefs Altamaha (path to Tama), an adopted name of third largest body of fresh water contributor to the Atlantic Ocean east of the Mississippi the Altamaha River is formed by the confluence of the Ocmulgee and Oconee rivers near Lumber City, Ga.     These mounds were also built high for clear observation of our surrounding territories, as well as for ritualistic, religious ceremonies, burials, temples and residences bringing us closer our ancestors which guided our Chief Black “Thunderbird” Eagle back to our land in 1992 reclaiming what rightfully belongs to us. The United Nuwaupian Nation nationals consist of various tribes and mixtures, Seminole, Shushuni, Creek, and various other tribal mound builders, we kept sacred our bloodline pure, being known historically as one of the only tribal dark-skinned nation that refused to mix as to not relinquish our unique cultural identities and description of dark-skinned woolly-haired aborigines. Our refusal to foreign ideology, practices, and subjection to further slavery inter-alia led to the Yamassee uprising in South Carolina and Georgia.


Dr. Malachi Z. K. York was born in Takoradi, Ghana West Africa, to mother Mary Aba Ocran her third son and father David York(e) on June 26th 1945 at a government hospital. Malachi York is of the Jemesee and E-we/Yewe, and tribes. His mother Mary Aba Okran lived under Mary C. York in the United States confirms that one month after he was born that Malachi York was brought to the United States through Boston Massachusetts from her own sister city of Takoradi Ghana. Takoradi and Boston has for decades been common for the exchange of citizens, trade and commerce where immigrants would travel by sea looking for a better life of including illegal immigrants from Africa. Though David York was able to receive a Boston birth certificate, by claiming York was born under the care of out patient midwife on 156 Harold St. in Suffolk County, the method and means by which he acquired it was fraudulent, and would be contrary to U.S. laws regarding the acquirement and possession of U.S. citizenship. Living in the US, male child, York looked to live life as a young man with the blood of the Akan clan, E-we/Yewe people in his veins, growing up as an African in America and moving to Teaneck, NJ in his early years. Predominately being raised by various extended family members here in the US, York knew strongly of his African ties and nationality, though vague as his mother kept much of this information from him until later in life. Dr. Malachi York knowing of his African bloodlines and ties, traveled extensively through Africa, Egypt studying in the University of Cairo Egypt, Sudan, traveling to Morocco, and more importantly to Dr. York was traveling back to Ghana in the 70’s and 80’, to reach and touch basis with his home. There he met Comfort Mensah, daughter of Theresa Abena Serwah, mother of Bernice Abena Afram fathering Bernice in his travels to Ghana.
Dr. Malachi York’s great works as an author, teacher, leader of Africans in the Diaspora, moved Liberia’s interest in his great character and influence amongst Africans in America as well. Traveling throughout West Africa, Dr. Malachi York’s umbrella of protection of Africans in America and African foreign nationals abroad became the bridge by which African exchange students in America would use to shelter together in common interest of freedom, justice and equality for Ghanaians, Liberians, West Africans, and all Africans and indigenous in America. Dr. Malachi York is supported and known as a Ghanaian worldwide by people in high and low places, the plight and fight for his life being incarcerated unjustly, illegally and contrary to national and international laws can never be ignored to do so would starve the spirit of justice and hope from our people worldwide.
Since 2007, Dr. Malachi Z. K. York has continued his efforts and assistance to Africa even incarcerated. He, through his non-profit Dr. Malachi Z. York foundation he has adopted schools in Ghana, and has donated school supplies and reading materials to under funded school in Kumasi for orphanages as well as the Sekondi and Takoradi School for the deaf. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York has initiated children toy, and food drives for underprivileged village children who suffer most in the times of holidays and festivities. The Dr. Malachi K. York foundation has successfully fed clothed thousand of children from the eastern Koforidua area in Ghana in past years. The foundation also opened new doors to a clinic in Bong town Liberia in 2005-11, in order to assist remote Liberians who have little access to clinics for proper health assistance. These initiatives by Dr. Malachi K. York of African children support and strengthening through education has pioneered continuous effort of financial, moral and spiritual support for West African underprivileged children.  The Dr. Malachi Z. York foundation has campaigned a ‘Books for Africa’ drive for free library books for the children of the regions of Kumasi and inner city areas of Accra to advance advocacy of learning through reading with the goals of opening up an advanced library and bookstores in the name of the Dr. Malachi Z. K. York foundation in Accra and Tokaradi.


Dr. Malachi Z. York as an global African nationalist and icon of African in America leadership in the US and abroad has been observed by many West and East African countries as a two way bridge that has exchanged the ideas of progressive programs, literature moral and legal assistance to Liberian and west African citizen’s and refugees displaced families who have fled to the U.S. from the conditions of war. Dr. Malachi York established African exchange programs to offer assistance and support to those Liberian and West African students and citizens who were in desperate need of support and assistance in the receiving state in the US while their country ravished with internal turmoil. The first Liberian war and at the outbreak of the second Liberian war caused years of instability and created millions of refugees and killed hundreds of thousands.  Heavy fighting in April of 1996 interrupted a ceasefire from 1995, the Abuja Accord through Gen. Sani Abacha championed in the disarming of the fighting troops and contest honest elections for Liberia afterward.
In July of 1997 national elections for the Presidency and national assembly, took place and Charles Taylor and his National Patriotic Party won an overwhelming victory.  As the overwhelming concern grew for Liberian refugees who were at lost and seeking support and protection in the US, Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks programs and organization were an ideal rest haven for settling Liberian, thousands of Liberians and African nationals have benefited from Dr. Malachi York’s great mind of organizing African diaspora peoples, Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks pursuit in more of a direct assistance moved him in all manners capable of involving himself directly with the government of Liberia in their urgent need of protection of their nationals abroad.
Dr. Malachi York was the ideal representative, to afford all protection to as a diplomatic agent and as a Consul general in hopes to continue to provide the services to citizens in order the help maintain the integrity and hopes of the broken spirits of Liberians, the legal order, with economic empowerment, this position has been held decades prior to his appointment. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York between the years of 1997-1999 traveled as a permanent resident in Liberia to become a naturalized citizen of the country and on Dec. of 1999 was chosen to represents the government of Liberia by then President Dr. Charles Taylor, as a diplomat and consul general of the Republic.The appointment of his position by the Liberian Government is a reflection of their trust of Consular York’s and his dedication to the mutual benefit of the cooperation rendering the support and services for the people of Liberia, in the time of crisis, these principles should still hold today. The Embassy of the United Nuwaupian Nation has been in protection of the ‘Proof’ of Dr. Malachi Z. K. York lineage and his government documents recorded that confirms all facts as it pertains to his citizenship by naturalization and his appointment as a Liberian Diplomat and Consul General.

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